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Lady Nakia 2018

A Woman’s Voice (AWV) is designed to educate, empower, enlighten, and encourage women from all walks of life; that whatever place you find yourself in, AWV seeks to address the issues we hold close to our hearts but are afraid to say out loud.

So often we as women walk through life carrying silent pain, torment, and questions regarding life’s issues, giving the appearance of strength but broken inwardly…and so it is my heart’s desire to put an end to the unspoken sufferings and cries of those that believe they have no voice. There is so much strength and power in unity and sharing, the Bible says, “and they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” Collectively we hold one another’s answers…Collectively we are stronger…Collectively we have the power to implement change!

Dr. Nakia Wright is a passionate woman after God’s heart who impressively balances her commitment to ministry, a flourishing family, and rewarding career. As a wife, mother, counselor, and motivational speaker, Dr. Wright is empowered to change every life that she encounters.

Dr. Wright is the wife of pastor and bestselling author, Bishop Donald Wright. They, along with their children reside in Bowie, MD.

I invite you to join me on this journey as we begin this walk with A Woman’s Voice!

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Charminique Bynum

Charminique Bynum








Charminique I. Bynum, an Indiana-native, grew up in the DMV which has given her an unique blend of strength and insight that allows her to relate to a wide range of people. She best utilizes these skills in the many roles she plays as part of the Administration of Jabbok International Ministries where she serves as the Executive Assistant to the Pastor, Office Operations Director, leader of the Outreach Ministry, Worship Team member and Intercessor. Charminique is currently enrolled at Lancaster Bible College where she is studying to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration which will enable her to continue to thrive in the building and shaping of God’s Kingdom, through the gift and work of administration. Charminique has the true heart of a servant leader and a passion for giving back to the youth (especially those at-risk) which has led to her involvement as a mentor, counselor, and life-skills speaker for Jacob’s Ladder At-Risk youth program. And in the Fall of 2016 accepted a voluntary Assistant Head Coach position for a Prince George’s County middle school’s girls basketball program. Charminique currently resides in District Heights, Maryland.

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Hadassa Dubuche

Hadassa D

Hadassa Dubuche is a passionate servant who is an advocate for the millennial voice. Hadassa’s life pursuit is to aid the underprivileged, disenfranchised, and the broken. She is currently pursuing her passion for outreach and youth advocacy through her service at Jabbok International Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Donald Anthony Wright. Hadassa serves the Chosen Ones Ministry, young women ages of 13-17; the Outreach Ministry, currently partnered with Covenant House; a shelter that provides immediate care for homeless youth from the ages of 18-24; and A Woman’s Voice, a woman’s empowerment group focused on providing resources, tools and workshops to strengthen the family unit.

Hadassa is the Human Resources Manager for a healthcare facility in Washington, DC. She currently holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Business Administration, Executive Leadership and Crisis Counseling and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biblical Studies.

Hadassa is a native of the Washington, DC Metro area, and currently resides in Capitol Heights, MD.

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Tashiea Hodge

Tashiea Hodge

Tashiea Hodge, Mom, Minister, Youth Advocate, native Washingtonian. My greatest passion is helping children. I believe I was born to help others, to be the underdog and the voice to the voiceless.   Founder of Young Ladies of Distinction a brand that helps young girls to find a healthy perception of who they are at an early age. Studied in the District of Columbia Public Schools and University. I have enjoyed a progressive career in the school system, but since have started doing work in the private sector as a Marketing Support Manager for a small woman-owned business. Dedicated and compassionate supporter of A Woman’s Voice empowerment.

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Diahann Smith

Diahann Smith

Diahann Smith is a Human Resources professional with over 24 years of expertise in providing innovative human capital management solutions, recruitment, employee relations management, career development, training and counseling. As Senior Vice President of Human Resources for National Cooperative Bank, N.A., Diahann has discovered through her work of identifying top talent, the integral relationship between skills and passion when determining individual life purpose. As a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator practitioner Diahann has been able to educate individuals on the effects of innate preference, passion and life fulfillment. As an Elder under the leadership of Bishop Donald Anthony Wright, Jabbok International Ministries, Diahann has been able to utilize her vocational and spiritual training to assist many in their personal journey of self-discovery and awakening true purpose. Diahann is a native New Yorker who currently resides in Waldorf, MD.

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Marci Thompson

Marci Diane 2018

Marci Diane Thompson is a seasoned education strategist and learning designer with more than 17 years experience within the non-profit association community. Currently the Vice President of Knowledge and Professional Development for a marketing organization- leading the strategic charge for all professional development and training. She oversees all educational programming, including: the Society’s annual conference, classroom and individual instruction, and distance/online learning program development. Marci is also an author and blogger: her book, “The P Word,” which journals her insights and pursuit of leading a passionate, fulfilling life was published in 2016. Through her literary journey, Marci compels others to “Passion Up” and never give up on the person they are becoming. Passionate about God and his people, Marci serves in ministry at Jabbok International Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Donald Wright. She lives, with her husband in Maryland.

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