AWV Looks Back!

What do you do when you are in need of a hero? YOU BECOME ONE says Lady Nakia Wright, founder and visionary of ‘A Woman’s Voice’ (AWV). For many 2016 was filled with ups and downs, where there were seemingly more questions than answers and yet like a phoenix rising from the ashes of mediocrity came Lady Nakia Wright and the inaugural year for AWV. 

In April of 2016 Lady Nakia masterminded her first women’s empowerment experience, “Repowering Your Strength Symposium” which proved to be life-changing, impactful, and rewarding. A day that was initially formed to give space to women, from all walks of life, to find the strength and courage to not only find but use their voice turned into a moment filled with dynamic speakers, vendors, and over 300 women from around the country; thus A Woman’s Voice was born. 

That single act of courage ignited passion in the hearts of hundreds of women, and dreams began to take flight. A Woman’s Voice has since served a community of women through forums, book clubs, conferences, and a year-end celebration that was one for the books. 

Lady Nakia Wright’s determination to be an answer, coupled with keystrokes of wisdom, love, and encouragement via social media and face-to-face events, have led to thousands of lives being touched in 2016. If you have not heard of AWV just yet, keep your eyes on the changing hearts around us, because we plan to finish the way we started – STRONG! I AM – YOU ARE – WE ARE A WOMAN’S VOICE!

Looking back at a moment of MOMENTS!

The 2nd Annual AWV Symposium exceeded all expectations, drawing women (and a few men) from across the country.  You had to be there to experience the sheer energy that comes with connection. Check out the highlights from The Cost of My Yes.



Let’s take a walk down memory lane….

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